Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yahoo Releases Axis, a New Cross-Platform Browser |

Yahoo Releases Axis, a New Cross-Platform Browser |

Have you ever wondered just how many people in this world use mobile phones now instead of land lines?  Has it ever occurred to you that more than 5 billion mobile cell phone users access the internet from their phone to do searches rather than their desk top or laptop at home?  Sure you have, and we are living in the evolution of the mobile phone era. Did you know that at least 70% of smart phone users will text before they pick up a land line and call?  Think about it, they have “Android” & “Smart Phones”, that practically we live our lives by today.  With that being said, I am here to make you aware of the multi-billion dollar mobile phone industry that affiliate marketing has barely scratched the surface.   Mobile Marketing is on the rise and there are so many hungry cell phone users out there that are just waiting and willing to spend money via their smart phones online and are just begging for you to help them spend it!  Mobile Cell phone gadgets have become so much smaller but grown very big in popularity.  For example I have made tons of money from mobile affiliate marketing via  ; ; & .  These are not your average work at home or affiliate marketing strategies.  I have learned a lot from these websites.  For example that sometimes there is more money to be made in CPA Leads than actual sales.  If you are looking for a different strategy in Internet marketing, mobile marketing is the way to go.  I mean think about it for a second, how many times have you heard “I can’t live without my cell phone?”.  Or it has been know that people feel like leaving their cell phone behind is equivalent to leaving their wallet, purse, drivers license, money, or credit cards at home.   The Smartphone is fast becoming the major communications tool among billions of Americans.   We depend on phones more now than ever before.  It’s like the oxygen that we have to breathe for survival. As a small business owner reaching this audience is crucial to your or success.  Creating an mobile strategy can help you communicate with your customers even when they are on the go. If positioned correctly, you can sell your product or service to your mobile user, it is the most effective marketing platform available today.
In fact, as mobile devices continue to grow in popularity and functionality, this marketing tactic will soon outpace all other forms in terms of volume usage.  Through these three websites I assure you that you will definitely learn the mobile marketing game .  Also please check out my blog on this subject @ .   
To tap into this massive multi-billionaire mobile phone industry that is just waiting to be harvested like a grove of ripe peaches let these websites teach you these basics about Mobile marketing.
Mobile Marketing
Mobile campaign strategy development
Mobile website development and implementation
SMS campaign strategy development
SMS campaign  implementation
QR Code implementation and tracking

Lately there is a million question floating around. Is Mobile Marketing Ready For Small Business?  No the question should be is Small business ready for Mobile Marketing because it is constantly evolving and is not going anywhere anytime soon.  The I Phone is evidence of the evolution!


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